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Did you know that of the world's 1.6 billion children under age 15, 21% live in absolute poverty? This child is eating her first real meal in 3 days. I found her and her mother starving. She is an American citizen, and is one of hundreds of thousands who are starving right here in our own country - "The United States of America."

The number of people living in poverty, destitution, loneliness and sorrow is overwhelming.

Broken hearts and torn families are a way of life among the poor.

Some children are abandoned by their parents due to lack of money needed to raise, clothe and feed them.

Sometimes when a child becomes ill, his or her health could ride on the edge of disaster. Even with the love and devotion of a caring mother, life is fragile. Without the proper financial support, life is even harder to cling to.

This is the only picture this mother ever had of her child while she was alive.. Notice our photo in the coffin, how sad...

Many homeless are molested, abused, and starving. Some see their loved ones commit suicide, murdered, etc. These children have no say about the life they lead. They were just born into poverty. OK – so some of their parents might have been or are alcoholics* or drug addicts*...we still need to help the children. * We do not financially support alcoholics or drug addicts. We refer them to clinics for help.

This little boy has NO toys. Today, he says this board is his "friend". Yesterday, the board was his truck.

These two children cling to a bike that was given to them. It is their first real toy.

People say, "Why don't they help themselves?" Well, when you are born into poverty and grow up in it, there is no one, absolutely no one to reach out to. We have to reach out to them first. Unless you walk the areas that are never visited by the prosperous, you will never realize how much pain there is in this world.

In desperation, children stay in the same spot they were left for days, thinking the person they loved will return.
Their life is burdened with constant sorrow. How would you feel to see a child or one of your elderly relatives or friends, whom you love and care for, walking the streets in despair?

Parents who have been put on the streets because their spouse dies, leaves, beats them, or throws them out, cling to their children with love; however, they are in total despair as to how they are going to hold onto and provide for their children.
"The Time is Now" provides food, love, clothes, health assistance, toys (is it wrong for a child to live like one?)
We try to provide a glimmer of hope, a direction for them to take to get on the right track – to get an education, a place to sleep, and emotional support. Hope....
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* All photos provided are of U.S. citizens.